Product Brands of Evolution Marketing

Fundisa: Enriching the Nation

The Fundisa brand also forms part of the Evolution Marketing group and consists of an array of educational products and services. These have been exclusively developed by qualified professionals to assist all learners in their studies and to aid them in achieving greater results in schools, universities and working environments. Fundisa plays a literal role in enriching the nation, as their motto suggests.

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Security 1st : Securing more than just your home

For the safety of your family and surroundings.

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Services Offered at Evolution Marketing

Customer Support

Customer service and quality assurance is the cornerstone of our business. We guarantee exceptional care and the utmost dedication to customer support. We offer first-rate quality advice about our products and services and how to effectively utilise them. All our consultants are appropriately equipped with a formal marketing qualification which ensures that all customers received the best care.

Customer satisfaction is the key to the successful creation and sustenance of a popular brand name and we understand that entirely. Committing to long term business relations will be easier as we have designed our delivery system to be scalable and highly flexible. We never let our eyes off our targeted goals and objectives, which is what allows us to achieve and deliver on all desired results.


Telemarketing is the use of efficient telephonic communication to market goods and services directly to prospective customers and /or to receive orders and enquiries generated from other advertisements and promotions.

Evolution Marketing provides both inbound and outbound telemarketing services, whereby the former involves customers instigating calls to the company for assistance when they want or need to, and outbound telemarketing which involves calls instigated by the company itself to prospective buyers for making sales. Professional telemarketing activities can only be conducted from well-established call centers.

Short Term Insurance

Short Term Insurance is simply an agreement between a policy holder and an insurer.

This agreement is binding for a limited amount of time or is flexible according to the individuals circumstances.

The great thing about Short Term Insurance is that it caters to changing your needs, allowing you cover for your assets without the Long-term commitment to one house, one car or one standard living.