About Us

Evolution Marketing is a South African-based direct marketing company that provides effective, efficient and reliable marketing solutions to clients nationally and internationally. Our reputation is built on trust, rapid growth and continuous success.

Evolution Marketing Objectives

We believe that every person should enjoy financial freedom. Our aim is to improve the disadvantaged sectors and to upgrade our clients’ living standards, ensuring that they are able to afford more than basic lifestyle and education at affordable means. We strive to make a positive difference in people’s lives, and provide excellent benefits to our clients on a daily basis. We work tirelessly to ensure that every individual we render our services to receives the greatest of care. We offer great value for money and, with our extraordinary business standards, we are focused on assisting clients to achieve their goals.

Partnering with Evolution Marketing

We are constantly searching and researching the markets for innovative products and services that have not yet met their full potential, possibly from being overlooked. We provide full assistance to these product and service partners in the redevelopment and restructuring of their strategies and, by doing so, we are able to increase brand awareness and productivity.